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  对于英语考试中阅读理解 是占有很大的一部分,那么对于我们在复习备考中阅读理解是最重要的一部分,为了能够让我们取得高分,那么就是要我们在平时复习的时候要多做历年真题,今天中国研硕网给大家收集了2012年在职博士英语考试真题

  Directions: There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four Choices marked A, B. C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence.

  1. The opinions of his peers are more important to her than her parents' idea.

  A) friends B) equals

  C) enemies D) bosses

  2. After we join the WTO, the situation that our automobile industry, depends for its survival on government subsidies will be changed.

  A) financial aid B) personnel support

  C) spiritual encouragement D) partial taxation

  3. My salary has been raised to 100,000 yuan a year. but there is a proportionate increase in my income tax.

  A) dramatic B) undesirable

  C) perpetual D) proportional

   4. Henry David Thoreau used to ramble through the woods before he wrote his most famous book Walden (1854).

  A) study B) live

  C) read aloud D) wander

  5. Despite the pressure from the president, the provincial government insisted on its autonomous jurisdiction.

  A) regional B) obstinate

  C) willful D) legal

  6. All programs celebrating the Spring Festival in the CCTV have been relayed to even' part of the world through satellites.

  A) received B) reserved

  C) rebroadcast D) enjoyed

  7. You must be drunk last night. Otherwise how did you manage to drive into a stationary vehicle?

  A) official B) police

  C) parked D) running

  8. To create a democratic atmosphere in the company, the manager should always be accessible to his staff.

  A)fair B) equal

  C) acceptable D) approachable

  9. The newly imported machine doesn't work in ambient humidity of 50 degrees.

  A) approximate B) surrounding

  C) convenient D) high

  10. Many students are signing the petition against building a steelworks near the school.

  A) names B) agreement

  C) request D) disapproval

  11. Your appraisal of the current situation is quite different from mine.

  A) optimistic B) compliment

  C) agreement D) estimate

  12. They are boycotting the store because the workers are on strike.

  A) looting B) banning

  C) protecting D) destroying

  13. In the final contest, two athletes are contending for the championship.

  A) satisfying B) happy

  C) competing D) quarreling

  14. The computer's value will depreciate by half in the first year.

  A) decrease B) increase

  C) keep low D) fluctuate

  15. China Telecom is about to embark on a major program of computerization.

   A) propaganda B) finish

  C) purchase D) undertake

  l6. The candidate has given a pledge that he will improve the local environment and invest doubly in education.

  A) promise B) declaration

  C) proposal D) possibility

  17. There has always been an epldemic or bike stealing in schools.

  A) a theft B) a punishment

  C) a plague D) a crime

  18. It is in Chongqing that the next international symposium on environmental protection will be held.

   A) debate B) conference

  C) seminar D) negotiation

  19. Many people suspected the existence of extraterrestrial life.

  A) snowman B) outside the earth

  C) spiritual D) underworld

  20. In case your liabilities outrun your assets, you may go bankrupt.

  A) debt B) enterprise

  C) controversy D) bondage

  21.After the fierce quarrel, they began to have a __________ loathing for each other.

  A) boring B) reciprocal

  C) friendly D) standing

  22. On the stage many pieces of blue silk were fluctuated to ________the sea waves.

  A) simplify B) simulate

  C) help D) like

  23. The government lacked money because of biting oil________.

  A) prices B) stations

  C) buildings D) revenues

  24. Though the policies of racial ________had been abolished, many whites in the South were still dubious about the safety of the communities.

  A) segregation    B) regulations

  C) communism    D3 extinction

  25. The proposal was accepted with ________ approval. Everybody believed it would help revive the national economy.

  A) unanimous    B) doubtful

  C) pleasant   D) searching

  26. Many social services are provided by ________ societies and organizations that do not expect any material payment.

  A) wealthy    B)voluntary

   C) helpful    D)spiritual

  27. In the packed hall, the people sitting close to me _________ me into the corner little by little.

  A) dragged   B) drew

  C) frightened   D) wedged

  28. The police, trying to ________exactly who was at the party are investigating every person concerned.

  A) ascertain    B) arrest

  C) imagine    D) count

  29. If everybody has arrived the meeting may________ now.

  A) commence     B) criticize

  C) comment     D) conclude

  30. The prodigal son ________his large inheritance in a few years of heavy spending.

  A) inherited    B) received

  C) accumulated     D) dissipated

  3l. In ancient India, there used to be a very formidable ________ in religious and social life.

  A) hierarchy    B) power

  C) despot    D) president

  32. _________ delinquency refers to law-breaking by young people.

  A) Juvenile   B) Green-hand

  C) Amateur    D) Institute

  33. It's necessary to make your handwritings ________ when you fill in an official form.

  A) reconcilable   B) legitimate

  C) legible    D) formal

  34. She has always been a conscientious secretary since the gal, she entered my company. Tine suggestion that I wanted her to resign is quite __________

  A) thoughtful   B) reasonable

  C) unfounded  D) early

  35. The ________ meaning of "yellow" is a color, but it can also mean "cowardly."

  A) positive   B) negative

  C) underlying   D) literal

  36. When I stayed in the country, I used to walk in the fields at night and to see ________ of stars.

   A) the circulation     B) a cluster

  C) the falling     D) myriads

  36. When I stayed in the country, I used to walk in the fields at night and to see ________ of stars.

  A) the circulation    B) a cluster

  C) the falling     D) myriads

  37. Ringing church bells sets up ________ in the Alpine valleys.

  A) resonance     B) forests

  C) church building    D) priests

  38. The students are all from ________ countries, such as Singapore. India Korean, and Japan.

  A) developing   B)oriental

  C) island     D) Christian

  39. Wouldn't it be easier to move about on the ________ of the mobbed crowd than to squeeze in tile middle?

  A) consent    B) heads

  C) fringe     D) recreation

  40. When the new immigration law came into effect, the old one was naturally

  A) validated   B) put off

  C) repealed   D) put up




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